Toddler Sleep Sacks

by babycents
You may have used sleep sacks for your baby, but then transitioned out of them. As big fans of the sleep sacks for the toddler, we urge you to reconsider. The benefits are manifold: even bigger kids (3 year old+) don't seem to get the concept of a blanket - using one, keeping one on, and so forth. While we don't think a three year old will stay in a sleep sack, a 2 year old certainly will, and lack of mobility can help with the crib-to-bed transition. But the main benefit of a sleep sack is that the blanket stays on, so you're better able to have a consistent temperature (not too hot, not too cold). Because you know the blanket will stay on, you can also dress your child in normal pajamas and simply buy one sleep sack instead of having to buy many pairs of extra-warm footies. We are fans of Woolino and Merino Kids - slightly different designs, but similar concepts. While they do require a bigger cost upfront, you can use them for quite some time.